Donnerstag, März 23, 2006

Something is still wrong here...

... since I still cannot upload properly. Two post long it seemed to work - and now - the system strikes again. Thank you for all your helpful comments and advice - I appreciate this very much. The problem however seems to be on the side of - many people discuss that in various forums. Since I have almost no technical knowledge - I use this time to train myself further in the disciplines of patience and generosity.

As soon as possible - I will be back. Thanx.


ILuvNUFC hat gesagt…

Did you try and delete your Blogger cookies? That worked for me when I had the same problem. Blogger recently installed some new servers and scrapped a few old ones and I think your cookies may point you to one of the older ones.
If that does'nt work you can also file report and send it off to Blogger for help.

Tingzin hat gesagt…

Dear iluvnufc,

thank you so much for this good advice. You are right - blogger com has installed a new feature - th upload system is now in german instead of english - and uploading seems to work as it did before.

Thank you very much

ILuvNUFC hat gesagt…

No problem. I'm glad to be of help.