Dienstag, Mai 17, 2011

Dear Visitor,

I have been posting hundreds of images in this blog since almost 6 years now. I like images and seeing is my favorite sense perception. The most active one ... the faculty which inspires my imagination and nurishes my fantasie.

An endless and wonderful source for an addict like me is the World Wide Web. A fathomless large network of people like me ... who find things, love things and like to share things. The reason for me to have a blog at all - is to give back, what I received. I see so many treasures hidden in unknown and small places like this one - and I like to pick some gems up for a while - look at them carefully and truely enjoy them a few moments long. Some I pick up - carry them here and share them with you.

In the beginning of my collection of All and Nothing I carefully kept track of all the sources where I saw those images for the first time - and I put a link to that source. I imagine that the people who posted certain stuff first would be happy to get this kind of credit - as a sense of gratitude and acknowledgement for all the work some people put into creating the most beautiful gardens in the World Wilde Web. 

There is a wonderful and miraculous force - which inspires millions of people to expose their treasures - to share their passion and love for things, for colours, shapes, emotions, animate and inanimate nature. This is a unique and quite touching creativity ... which just spreads out and likes to give ... without too much expectation to get something in return. It´s a giving, which takes its pleasure by giving away and thus receiving the joy of being able to give, to share, to let go.

This is the richness of the world. To be able to give and to share. 

And being thankful for all this wonderful images and links one finds and receives - and accepting those gifts from nowhere with humble gratitude - that makes one even more rich and full. Thank you all - your unknown posters out there - I really appreciate your selfless generosity.

Lately I lost track of all the sources of images - I do not know anymore, where I found what - and thus I cannot give the proper credit and backlink to the place I discoverded the discoverable first. I am not happy about this ... but I cannot help it either.

All this postings here are send out into the open. I know only a very few readers of this blog personally. Most of my friends do not know, that I have this blog. Almost all of my readers come out of the unknown. What they like or what they do not like - I do not know. It is as if one would speak aloud in the woods - when one walks there alone.

Look - a firefly !
I just wanted to say
But - ach - I was alone.


If you do not want to see - don´t look.

Maybe I continue to post things here - maybe not.

In any case - I wish to thank all my readers for coming here now and then. 

Even if there are no new posts for a while - in the depth of the archives here are still some valuable gems waiting for treasure hunters and for walkers and talkers in the endless plains and woods of the World Walk Web.

Wherever you go - there you are.

: )

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Sonntag, Mai 08, 2011

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Freitag, Mai 06, 2011