Dienstag, November 29, 2005

Samstag, November 26, 2005

... und hier ein textvorschlag dazu:

The return to splendour - seen by illustrator and cartoonist Jorge Phono
from the East German depths. His pictures are evidence of our modern
world's rising problems that always rise faster when we move faster.
They include the small man's daily fight, the insanity of neoliberalism,
the useless hopes of small boys' hearts, and tall women who mash it all up - just for a laugh...

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Maybe lots of people with tatoos will Think different - in the future. Imagine your grandmother would still have the logo of the inventors of the first TV (who the hell was that?) on her wrinkling belly.

Please do not missunderstand: I love Apple Macintosh since more then 20 years!

"There Is No Time To Loose"
a quote of my beloved buddhist teacher Choegyam Trungpa Rinpoche
wonderfully illustrated and arranged by David © - an american friend in Prague.

Donnerstag, November 24, 2005